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What To Use Leftover Fizzy Drinks For

When soda gets flat, most people just pour it down the sink, but if you are someone who hates things to go to waste this may make you cringe. Luckily, here is a list of 8 things you can use leftover fizzy drinks for.

    1. Make ice cubes. Pour that leftover clear or citrus soda into some ice trays and make some ice cubes. That way, the next time you are drinking lemonade, punch or even soda, you can use these ice cubes and not have your favorite beverage be watered down. Who would have thought?

  1. Toilet cleaner. This is a surprising one, but it is said if you pour your leftover soda in the toilet, let it sit for a while, brush and then flush, your toilet will be clean and look great! You can also use it in your bathtubs and sinks!
  2. Plant food. If you add a little bit of leftover citrus soda to the water of your freshly cut flower arrangements, it will help keep them alive and beautiful a little while longer.
  3. Use as a meat tenderizer. Add any flavor of coke, or even Dr. Pepper to your favorite meat marinade and have an amazing tasting and moist dinner! Here is a recipe for prime rib that uses Cherry Coke.
  4. Beer Bread. The amazing thing about this bread is that you don’t even have to use beer if you don’t want too! Either way you decide to go, it is delicious and will be a definite crowd pleaser! You only need 3 ingredients, one of them being your favorite carbonated beverage. Get the recipe here.
  5. Pouring soda such as coke on your ice covered windows can defrost them. Just let it set for a few minutes and the ice should come off on its own.
  6. Bake a cake. Yes, you heard that right. You can bake a cake using soda! Just replace the eggs, oil, and water with a 12oz can of soda. Bake as the instructions tell you, and you should have a very delicious, moist cake.
  7. Clean coins. You may have heard this one before but leaving dirty coins sitting in coke for about 10 minutes will shin them right up! This will come in handy if you’re a coin collector.

The next time you have soda in your fridge that you are getting ready to throw out, remember this list and see if there is something you can do with it!