frozen food

Are There Benefits of Frozen Foods

People always tell you, you should buy fresh foods, they are the best! Yes, there are many great benefits to eating fresh foods but there are also a lot of great benefits to eating frozen foods as well! Here are 10 benefits of frozen foods you probably didn’t know.

    1. No preservatives. This is a major one! Frozen foods don’t contain or require preservatives. Freezing is a natural form of preservation that takes a reduction in temperature. You just need to make sure it is packaged well.
    2. Nutritionally more reliable. When you freeze your veggies you are preserving sensitive nutrients and vitamins that can sometimes get lost during transportation when you buy fresh. Not to mention, have you ever wondered how long that “fresh” produce has been sitting there?

  1. Seasonal veggies all year round. You can buy those seasonal veggies all year round when you buy them frozen. When those veggies you love are frozen during their natural ripening process, the end up tasting better than those veggies that are forced to grow outside of their season.
  2. Better prices. All of your favorite veggies tend to be cheaper when you buy them frozen than when you buy them fresh.
  3. Reduces food waste. When using frozen food you tend to use only what you need and are able to put back in the freezer. Not only does this reduce the amount of food you waste, it keeps you from wasting money.
  4. Food Safety. When done correctly, the freezing process can and does reduce the potentially harmful bacteria that can make you sick. No one wants food poisoning!
  5. Get you out of a bind. Keeping things like pizzas in your freezer can help out in many situations. Maybe you don’t feel like cooking tonight, or maybe your children brought home some house guests. Frozen pizzas are not only safe, they are ready in minutes!
  6. Fish all year. You can buy seasonal fish all year round when you buy it frozen.
  7. Fresh fish. Here is something you probably didn’t know. Frozen fish tends to be fresher than “fresh fish”. That “fresh” fish can sometimes take up to a week to get to the store.
  8. Crop Management. Freezing veggies means that farmers can now sell their whole crop and it will get used. Before, when there was excess fresh crop it would either go to waste or get ploughed back into the ground. Reduce food waste and buy frozen!