What To Use Leftover Fizzy Drinks For

When soda gets flat, most people just pour it down the sink, but if you are someone who hates things to go to waste this may make you cringe. Luckily, here is a list of 8 things you can use leftover fizzy drinks for.

  1. Make ice cubes. Pour that leftover clear or citrus soda into some ice trays and make some ice cubes. That way, the next time you are drinking lemonade, punch or even soda, you can use these ice cubes and not have your favorite beverage be watered down. Who would have thought?

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Why Do We Love To Eat Fast Food So Much?

We all know it’s bad for us but it doesn’t stop us from devouring a delicious cheeseburger from McDonalds. Have you ever wondered why we love to eat fast food so much? You say you’re going to eat healthier but as your driving past those golden arches, something pulls you in and the next thing you know you are sitting at the drive up. Let’s take a look into why we love to eat fast food so much.

Fast and cheap. Probably one of the top reasons people turn to fast food is because it’s convenient. We don’t have to prep anything; we don’t have to cook anything. With our busy schedules we don’t want to think about taking the time to prepare something healthy, we just want choose something that looks delicious, pay for it and eat it. After a while, that convenience becomes a habit and it is hard to break.

Stress eating. You’ve probably heard this before, and it’s true. When you get anxious or stressed what do we turn to? That pint of ice cream or that plate of nachos. It’s happens to all of us. But why? Being anxious or stressed causes our bodies to use more energy, which makes us hungry for calorie-dense foods such as sugary, fatty junk food.

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Are There Benefits of Frozen Foods

People always tell you, you should buy fresh foods, they are the best! Yes, there are many great benefits to eating fresh foods but there are also a lot of great benefits to eating frozen foods as well! Here are 10 benefits of frozen foods you probably didn’t know.

  1. No preservatives. This is a major one! Frozen foods don’t contain or require preservatives. Freezing is a natural form of preservation that takes a reduction in temperature. You just need to make sure it is packaged well.
  2. Nutritionally more reliable. When you freeze your veggies you are preserving sensitive nutrients and vitamins that can sometimes get lost during transportation when you buy fresh. Not to mention, have you ever wondered how long that “fresh” produce has been sitting there?

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